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How Are Autoclaved AAC Blocks Better Than Your Common Brunt Clay Bricks?

Posted by Admin on November, 19, 2022

AAC blocks are also called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks. These are alternative bricks that are fast replacing the traditional bricks in the construction industry. AAC is different from regular brick. It is made of foam concrete material which makes it three times more lightweight than regular bricks.

Therefore, it is easy to handle and use too.

It might be surprising to know that AACs are familiar entries in the construction world as the material was invented in the 1920s. However, its popularity has increased only in the last decade. Looking to construct your house, then definitely consider AAC blocks instead of red bricks from AAC Blocks Suppliers in Tamil Nādu.

How are AAC blocks created by AAC Blocks manufacturers in Tamil Nādu?

AAC blocks are a foam-like texture, which makes them lightweight. Other materials used to create the AAC structure are water, cement, sand, and lime. A small amount of rising agent is added, which helps make the porous structure.

To enhance AAC blocks' properties, specific ingredients are added while the AAC is blended and cast. Aluminium powder with calcium hydroxide is mixed, and water. Hydrogen gas is released in the blend. This gas froths up and produces a porous, foam-like construction. This gas rises to 3mm inside the mixture. This is how the final structure becomes 3 times lighter than a regular cement block.

The blended mixture is put in the autoclave chamber for about 10-12 hours to harden up.

Differences between AAC blocks and burnt clay bricks

The difference between AAC blocks by AAC Blocks Suppliers in Tamil Nādu and burnt clay bricks is the manufacturing process with the special materials used. An autoclave is a machine used to set high pressures and temperatures essential for the creation. It then creates superheated steam. The designed AAC block is autoclaved to get its superbly lightweight and rigid frame.

Advantages of Autoclaved AAC Blocks

Thermal efficiency makes these AAC blocks the most significant. They are proven to cool down your house pleasantly during summers and winters and reduce heating and cooling loads.

• The AAC blocks handle fire better than usual blocks.

• These blocks are very much lighter in weight than traditional red clay brick or cement blocks.

• Individual blocks are bigger than red common bricks. Hence, the building construction completion happens faster.

• For bigger constructions, the AAC block prices are better when compared to using burnt clay bricks.

• AAC blocks are environmentally friendly without toxic materials used to create these bricks.

• The porous material used by Autoclad AAC blocks supplier helps absorb moisture naturally. As a result, the house will have lesser mildew, water, and humidity.

• The need to trim and cut AAC blocks might be more associated with traditional blocks

• AAC blocks are, though, more precise and are offered in perfect dimensions with no need for trimming.

• Since these blocks are lightweight, you will spend less on the AAC block prices when considering transportation costs and labour charges for loading and unloading blocks

• These porous and airy materials last very long and are not affected by climatic changes.

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