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  • Concrete Hollow Block

    Size: 15x8x6 Inch

    Material: Concrete

    Shape: Rectangular

    Application: Side Walls

    Color: Grey

  • Rectangular Hollow Blocks
    Jayakumaran Bricks manufactures top graded construction items that are in demand always. We are the name that is the most talked of in the industry today because, with the hard work of our diligent workforce and the technical advice of Mr. Ramasamy Saraswathi, we are now at the top. From our manufacturing unit in Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, we are the leading makers of concrete, hollow blocks that are used as strong sidewalls. Our blocks are plain and solid with a grey colour. They have the optimum strength and are reasonably priced. They are in a convenient size of 12x8x6 inches and made of the finest raw materials. We guarantee you that our blocks are absolutely safe and reliable and are designed to give your walls the required strength. Our product is very trustworthy and is reputed in the market for its quality. That is why we are in the top slot as Concrete Hollow Blocks Manufacturer.

    Size: 12x8x6 Inch

    Material: Concrete

    Shape: Rectangular

    Color: Grey

    Feature: Optimum Strength

  • Fly Ash Bricks
    Are you building a house and, there is a shortage of bricks? Do not worry. Jayakumaran Bricks has the solutions to your building problems. Functioning since 2017 in Namakkal, our company has been manufacturing superior quality Rectangle Grey Fly Ash Bricks. Our fly ash bricks today are a better alternative to the traditional bricks that previously flooded the markets. Our company is now one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Every piece of bricks that are manufactured at our plant is manually checked before delivery by our quality control team. Our bricks are perfectly dimensional and proportionately shaped. Our bricks are of superior quality and fire-resistant. They can safely be used as side and partition walls. With a name for high durability and perfection, we are now the top Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturers in India.

    Usage: Side Walls, Partition Walls

    Material: Material

    Shape: Rectangular

    Color: Grey

    Resistance Durability: Fire Resistant

  • Poultry Eggs
    Jayakumaran Poultry Eggs supplies the best quality white poultry eggs in India. We have now become one of the top bracketed White Poultry Eggs Exporters in India. Our eggs are conveniently packed in crates and trays for easy and smooth transportation without any breakage and damage while handling. Based in Namakkal, our company is ably managed, by Mr. Ramasamy Saraswathi with approximately 50 people benefitting from his benevolence. Before packaging is completed we manually check that every piece of egg is whole and not broken or even cracked. Our protein and nutrient-packed eggs have made a name in the market for being fresh and of premium quality. This repute has made us the best Poultry Eggs Wholesale Supplier in India with our export numbers going up.

    Color: White

    Packaging Type: Caret, Tray

    Protein: 0-4gm, 4-8gm

    Fat: 0-4gm, 4-8gm

    Cholesterol: 0-50gm, 100-200gm

  • Rcc Cement Poles
    A requirement in the construction industry cement poles is now an integral part of building and structural developments. Jayakumaran Bricks is now the leading manufacturer and Cement Pole Suppliers in India. Our cement poles are supplied to all the leading construction sites across India. From our plant in Namakkal, we have been manufacturing the cement poles of various specifications. They are manufactured from top-grade cement from the leading cement companies in India. With the experience of Mr. Ramasamy Saraswathi, we have become the leading Cement Concrete Pole Manufacturers in India. Our products are supplied all over the country and, till date, we have received no complaints from our customers. Every pole of ours is dimensional and perfectly cast so that there are no defects in it. After production, every pole is manually checked by our diligent team of workers for any rejection. We then pack it accordingly and, it is ready for delivery.

    Material: Cement

    Thickness: 25-50mm

    Application: Industrial

    Color: Grey

    Pole Height: 6 Feet

  • Cement Fencing Poles
    Cement fencing poles are now a vital part of fencing and boundaries. With this view in mind, Jayakumaran Bricks is making the best quality fencing poles from their unit in Namakkal. Our Cement Fencing Poles are very strong with a polished finish and are easily assembled. Every fencing requirement around the country is now looking for our fencing poles that are highly durable and strong with a height of up to 7-8 feet in length. Coming in grey colour, the poles are perfectly finished with perfect dimensions and quality. They are made from top quality cement manufactured by A-graded companies in India. Our cement fencing poles being very strong and highly durable, we are now the best Cement Fencing Pole Suppliers in India today. Under the guidance of Mr. Ramasamy Saraswathi, our company is expanding in leaps and bounds to be a leading manufacturer and supplier.

    Material: Cement

    Application: Fencing

    Color: Grey

    Finishing: Polished

    Feature: Easily Assembled

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    Our incredible variety of bricks are available at competitive prices and are highly favoured for their quality, durability, and accurate dimensions. Choose from the widest range of hollow bricks and fly ash bricks available in an impressive variety of textures and colours.

  • Quality

    The products offered by us are immensely durably, boast of premier quality and are made in exact dimensions. You can find all our products in different shapes and sizes and choose them based on your requirement.

  • Highest-Grade Bricks in Namakkal
    Highest-Grade Bricks in Namakkal

    The brick-making machine we use is based on advanced and improved technology and this ensures superior making of bricks within the shortest period. The highly efficient machines we use for the making of bricks help us cater to bulk orders, given their production capacity.

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